Glen Allen, VA

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What's a vacation if you can't do a bit of shopping?  Then again, why wait for the vacation - a good Boutique is fun anytime - and a GREAT one is even better!

C'mon over and check out our pet Boutique.   We offer a great variety of unique upscale gifts for pets - and their owners too!   We've got jewelry, videos, statues, crystals, along with toys, special leads/collars and Super Premium Dog foods too!

We have assembled a wide variety of products that are hard to find - yet wonderful to have.  Our family's years of experience in the pure-bred pet industry have given us contacts with artists and craftsmen who truly know about dogs and cats.


You'll find greeting cards here, featuring over 100 different breeds!  How about fine crystal desk blocks with a detailed dog engraving, available in over 50 breeds and cats too? Even our toy collection is special.  Ever buy a toy for your pet, bring it home only to have it chewed up in minutes?  Of course!  BUT  our West Paw toys here are 100% GUARANTEED.  That means if you pet should chew and damage the toy - the manufacturer REPLACES it AT NO CHARGE! 


We specialize in SUPER PREMIUM HOLISTIC ALL NATURAL dog foods!  ALWAYS in stock you can find:  CANIDAE ALL LIFE STAGES, Taste of the Wild GRAIN FREE kibble and Nature's Variety (Dry, Canned AND Frozen too) as well as RAW FROZEN DIETS including BRAVO, NATURE'S VARIETY and PRIMAL.   For those seeking the finest in RAW, we're proud to offer ANSWER'S PLUS including their FROZEN RAW GOAT'S MILK!  Goat's milk is Mother Nature's answer to digestive issues.  The RAW MILK provides more of the ProBiotics and enzymes than any other single source.  Come and talk to us about it - we've got THE ANSWERS!


Topping off all of this, we're proud to offer a line of custom engraved PET ID TAGS.  These ALL METAL FULLY ENGRAVED TAGS can make the difference between your pet being lost forever - and being back home the very same day!  Now you can order your tag here - and get it here - THE SAME DAY!  We now CUSTOM ENGRAVE your tags ON THE SPOT, WHILE YOU WAIT with computer precision, speed and accuracy.

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