Glen Allen, VA

We can think of no better way for your dog to enjoy each and every day when you're not available - other than by joining our staff and many of your dog's friends for a great day of fun at The Dude Ranch!

DAY CARE is the ideal way for your dog to 'let himself go' and enjoy when you're not available for him.  DAY CARE provides an environment where dogs can play together in SUPERVISED PLAYGROUPS established based upon the size AND temperament of the dog! 

All dogs entering DAY CARE are required to go through an on-site evaluation session to determine their best and appropriate playgroup.  All dogs are tested and evaluated for their social skills, their play signals, ability to share, desire & drive in food and/or toy protection.  Even their territorial and human-ownership control issues will be evaluated.   We take all of this data together and determine the best playgroup; the group where each dog will be safest and have the most fun and exercise.   Once assigned, your dog will be able to come anytime to The Dude Ranch for DAY CARE and be assured of a safe exciting time - filled with supervised activities, plenty of interaction and lots of playtime!  You can drop your dog off for Day Care, once they've been evaluated, Monday through Saturday as of 7:30am!

While we do have 47 acres here at The Dude Ranch, we have set aside about 15,000 sq ft of space that we have specially fenced in.   This area, known as our PLAY YARDS, provide for group AND INDIVIDUAL play spaces that are fully enclosed, fully secured and 100% safe!  All fenced yards have DOUBLE TRAP MAN DOORS.  That means that at least two (2) doors must be opened for a dog to progress from one area to the next!   Dogs can run free and untethered - yet be 100% secured and controlled.  No worrying here - your dog is completely supervised for all of his play.  He'll come home from DAY CARE tired; but happy - with NO worries for you!

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