Glen Allen, VA

Please Note:  For the safety of our
guests we require all guest to have
current vaccinations for Rabies &
Distemper; and for Bordatella,
WITHIN 6 MONTHS (oh, but
no sooner than 72 hours unless
SQ or ORAL!)

Staying at the Dude Ranch Resort means luxurious clean comfort! No chainlink or cinder block allowed inside the facility! Only the highest quality construction for the safest, most luxurious and comfortable facilities possible!  Your choice of a Deluxe Villa or Luxury Suite; 100% INDOORS!  The whole facility is fully heated & cooled and the air is continuously filtered and changed for health and comfort!

We are staffed 7x24.  That means there is ALWAYS someone on-site WORKING at the resort!  Our Front Desk is open from 9a to 7p Monday through Saturday, and 12p to 5p Sundays & Holidays.  You can check-in or just stop-on-by anytime the Front Desk is open!  And in the back??  Our staff is there ALL THE TIME.  No, not sleeping, NOT "living nearby", but actually on-site in the facility, working!  Our night staff take regular walks to check on everyone and make sure everyone is sleeping just fine.  7 days a week, 24 hours a day; ALL DAY - ALL NIGHT: EVERY DAY; EVERY NIGHT; ALL THE TIME. Would you want it any other way?

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