Exclusive themed suites line our streets!  Each suite includes a designer bed (off-floor, of course!), a set of shelves stocked with toys to play with, personalized artwork (pictures and paintings) of fellow dogs, as well as a color TV monitor offering up your favorite TV show, DVD, and/or personal photographs from home!

Stop in to the BANK, a solid brick-built suite themed in baby-blue complete with ceiling fan and lights!  Or maybe the Toy Store with its twin windows?   Maybe the Spanish CANTINA with stucco walls and terra cotta roof top is more enticing?  Ah, how about the MAYOR'S OFFICE done in muted tones, or the LIBRARY with its extended hall for running back and forth?   And there are more Suites just around the corner!!

All guests staying in the suites are coddled with four or more outings every day.    Your dogs are walked INDIVIDUALLY by our dog handlers.  We do NOT run 'packs' or 'group' walks.   Each dog's play time is fully supervised.  We have over 15,000 sq ft of individual play-yards; each set up to allow your dog to safely run, play, chase balls or other toys without the concern of fighting with other dogs.  Our Dog Exercise Staff are trained to play, toss and/or run with your dog in secured fenced-in yards.  (For those interested in 'community play' please see our Day Care offering!) 

With all of the play time, our guests sleep and eat well!  Room service is provided 3 times daily (to keep up with those flat-screen TVs) along with nightly turn-down service - complete with a breath freshening treat on the pillow!



Glistening, even in night lights, our Villas shine above the rest.  We didn't allow chain-link or cinderblock construction.  No chance for disease, bacteria and more to grow.  Our Villas were custom built out of stainless steel, solid cast plastics as well as cast aluminum and poured custom floorings!  21st century solutions for comfort, cleanliness and luxury! 

Meals are served twice a day on stainless steel bowls; not paper or plastic!  We serve CANIDAE ALL NATURAL, HOLISTIC dog food; one of the few TOP RATED dog foods listed in the Whole Dog Journal - for more than 8 years!

With all of the comforts and fine food, we make sure our guests get plenty of exercise!  All Villa guests play outside at least three times daily, with individual play yards providing 'backyard' fun!  We have over 15,000 sq ft of fully secure fenced-in private play yards at our facility.  Our Dog Exercise Staff ensure your dog plays safely, in assigned play areas.   They can see their friends in adjacen play areas, run back and forth and enjoy - but they don'tTrue have to challenge one another for food, toys or attention.  True safe playtime is spent, enriching your dog's time with us!  When it's time to turn in, each Villa has a raised platform bed that provides your dog with that extra feeling of safety; being off the floor.  We provide TWO fleecy blankets (included at no charge!) while your dog stays with us for a great night's sleep! {If your dog is a chewer, please let us know so we can withold the blankets - and provide some great chew toys!}



Not to be left out, during construction of our Cat House facilities, we are providing full service cat boarding in private Cat Villas. Our Cat Villas, constructed of gleaming stainless steel, are in a private room, away from all dogs, their smells & sounds. Separate air conditioning, water and more are provided, ensuring no fear-factor reactions being near dogs.  Sisal Columns, Natural-earth scratchers, catnip based bat toys, along with carpeted play gyms are all provided to our Cat Villa guests!  Free-feeding of Felidae All Natural Holistic Cat Food is offered, along with lots of play time.  We've even brought in an extra-touch of luxury with a dedicated flat-screen DVD-Television!



When your pets are staying here and sleeping well, you've also got to sleep well....  You can't be worried about their health or safety!  You've already learned above that The Dude Ranch is staffed 7x24, but did you also know that The Dude Ranch is equipped with some of the latest state-of-the-art FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS possible?  We have over 20 zones of heat detection, gas identification as well as smoke detection sensors throughout the facility.  Logically, the system is connected to a central-station 7x24 monitoring service.  Further, inside, dozens of Fire Strobe Alerts are strategically positioned around the resort.  Then, rather than scary alarm bells or horns (that your pet would be agitated by!) we use high-technology HUMAN ANNUNCIATOR SYSTEMS to 'announce' that a fire risk is present!  No bells - no alarms - no sirens.   Our Human-voice alerts direct staff ensuring safe evacuation of all pets staying at the facility in case of an emergency!  Now, we can all sleep well at night!